About this blog

This blog has emerged from a project where natural language processing and grammar is the main focus.

At the website http://www.retkomma.dk I’ve been developing a Danish parser which takes raw text as input and attempts to parse the text according to an internal grammar coded via regular expressions.

From the grammatical analysis the parser attempts to apply correct punctuation (commas) in the input sentence.

The subject of this blog is perculiarities that occurs to me when playing around with this spare time project.

For further reading please confer the website of RetKomma www.retkomma.dk.


3 responses to “About this blog

  1. Do you know when http://www.retkomma.dk will be accessible again?


    • Hi,

      Currently, I’m working on a major refactoring of the grammatical engine (parser) implemented in retkomma project. While I’m writing I’ve taken the app offline (due to the cost of hosting it).

      Br. Morten

  2. I liked your post and want to follow your posts, but i couldn’t find any RSS,twitter acount or etc..
    Could you please send an email to follow your posts.


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