FiddlerCore – Fiddler.dll in your projects

I first heard of FiddlerCore on the Hearding Code pod cast recently. Now, you probably know Fiddler – at least for me, this is one of my favorite (free) web debugging tools on Windows. Baiscally, Fiddler captures all http traffic and lets you play around with it, step into the requests, tamper them etc. Cool stuff!

FiddlerCore is a (managed/.NET) dll that you can download and install along with a sample project from here: Actually, according to The Fiddler Father, Eric Lawrence, on the PodCast, this is not just the dll’s at the bottom of Fiddler, but a special compilation of the Fiddler dll’s that he maintains just for guys like us – thank you, Eric!

So far, my uses of this has been:

  • As a simple proxy redirecting http traffic to other ports
  • As a handler of sub domains on IIS Espress
  • As an http logging module
And I’ve only known about it for a month or so… It seems this was really something that I needed!
So far it works like a charm! I don’t know if it is stabile and fast enough to work in a prouction environment. For now I just use it for development purposes only, but for this it is certainly great.
I’ll write a separate blog post with some code on how to handle e.g. sub domains on IIS Express with Fiddler Core.

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