IE9 Preview 2 Ready – Performance is the new black

The IEBlog announces the release of IE9 Preview 2. One main focus on the May 5th blog post to announce the release is performance – and the showcase is really cool – check it out here:

Performance benchmarking seems to be as hot as ever.

I believe that all of us experience in our daily work that new functionality doesn’t sell at all if they decrease performance. Just a few years ago where the bandwith was at a quite different scale, users where much more used to waiting for the client to respond – but that’s really history.

I truely belive that this is the right business strategy – going for investments in product robustness and performance – make it work before shining it up with functionality improvements. Not as fancy, exciting, or sexy – but the users will be happy. Windows 7 did it – and perhaps IE9 will do it as well?


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