VMWare Server cannot connect to internet via bridged host

Just a short description of how to connect to the internet via a bridged host if you have lost the connection.
This description will only solve your problem if your VMWare Server is on a different domain than your host pc (or ip addresses in different sub nets).

In this example the host pc has standard gateway
The VMWare server has ip address
On the VMWare server do this:

  • Go to Local Area Connection
  • Click Properties
  • Select Internet Protocol (tcp/ip) and click properties
  • Click Advanced
  • In the IP Settings tab, add a new IP Address by clicking Add…
  • Type in the new IP Address. In this example, my host pc has the standard gateway and the subnet mask; so I choose an available ip address within the range – – in this example I chose the ip address Also I’ve typed in the subnet mask
  • Close the open dialog boxes. Now the VMWare server has two ip addresses – the original and the new which we’ve just added.
  • In the command prompt type: route -p add mask , where the last ip address is the address of the standard gateway of the host. Please note that the -p switch makes the route persistent. If this switch is omitted, the route will be lost if you restart the server. Therefore, during testing, it can be an advantage to omit the -p switch until you are certain that you’ve found the right setup.

Now you should have access to the bridged network on the host’s domain or workgroup. You can see a list of all routes by typing route print.


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  1. Yes, correctly.

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