How to create a new website in IIS

For some reason this old topic won’t die in the forums. I’ll post a quick guide of a “minimal setup” here hoping that the ones in need have one more possibility of googleing the solution:-)

1. Open IIS (start -> run -> inetmgr -> OK)

2. Expand your computer node

3. Click websites

4. Rightclick a website, e.g. Default Web Site

5. In the right click menu select New -> Virtual Directory

6. In the Wizard, click Next

7. Type in an alias, e.g. “MyWebSite” and click Next

8. Click Browse and select the root folder of your website, e.g. c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mywebsite

9. Click Next two times and click Finish

10. The new WebSite appears in the tree view.

11. Right click the new WebSite and select properties

12. On the Virtual Directory tab click the “Create” button

13. On the same tab select the Execute permission “Scripts only”

14. Click OK – now your should be able to browse files in your new website

Please note – this is a minimal setup – your site might require additional security features (Directory Security tab), read/write persmissions in the physical folder etc.

If you experience any Unauthorized responses, please read this blog post:


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