Linq vs. entity framework – and why linqy stuff can be cool

I’ve been surfing a bit around for Linq to Sql (L2S) vs. Entity Framework (EF) and among other things found this: Wriju’s BLOG : Choosing between ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL. Some posts even say that you shouldn’t bother learning linq ’cause it’ll die anyway – but is this really right?

For a long time I really didn’t get all the fuss about linq – I’m the sproc kind’a guy – I want the stuff in the db or some other place where I can manipulate my sprocs without needing to rebuild. I realise that there really isn’t any good argument over sproc’s versus inlined queries, but linq – isn’t that just building a whole technology around something which perhaps is better. But perhaps not. Perhaps just as good?

No, definitely not! The thing I really enjoy about linq is not l2s, but the technology itself – querying my data lists and xml – if it wasn’t for linq I would have to write much more code in the syle of if{for{foreach}}else} yadayada – what linq really does it that it expresses which data I want instead of making me write some unreadable and unmaintainable algorithm.

So – while l2s might be replaced by EF or some other framework – at least for enterprise architectures – I really enjoy using the Linqy stuff for everything else but Sql queries.


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